A Love So Beautiful

a love is so beautiful

A Love So Beautiful

Song: A Love Is So Beautiful 
Artist:  Ysabelle Cuevas

I like your eyes, you look away
When you pretend not to care
I like the dimple on the corners
Of the smile that you wear

I like you more the world may know
But don’t be scared
Cause I am falling deeper
Baby be prepared

I like your shirt, I like your fingers
Love the way that you smell
To be your favorite jacket
Just so I could always be near
I ‘ve loved you for so long
Sometimes it hard to bear
But after all this time
I hope you wait and see

Love you every minute every second
Love you everywhere and any  moment
Always and forever
I know I can’t quite you 
Cause baby  you are the one

I don’t know how
I love you till the last of snow disappears
I love you till a rainy day becomes clear
Never know a love like this
Now I can’t let go 
I’m in love with you
And now you know