December lyrics by Maddy Hicks

Here are the lyrics for December by Maddy Hicks. The song is written by Maddy Hicks, and produced by Gabe Simon.

Song Info

[Verse 1]

December was nice before
I’d ever had a lover
Now I just cry at people
caring for each other
Seems like the nights are
falling darker than ever
Thought I would like it
’til it felt like forever
And it’s cold out, was
it this cold out
When I was little and I
liked when it snowed out?
I can’t remember, but I
still feel your sweater
Overheating in the summer,
now I’m cold in December

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

[Verse 2]
Decеmber was fine beforе
I ever learned to travel
Now I’m in line marking my
baggage as fragile
They tell me home is where my
heart is beating steady
But lately, it’s split between a
couple different cities
And I miss you, why do I miss you
On a plane miles and miles away?
I’m still with you
We’re touching down,
but I still feel you at my center
You were home back in August,
now I’m alone in December

And so, I have to
change with the seasons
Let the autumn
fall away with you leaving
I can disappear in the
cold like every other year
Hide in holiday cheer, oh-oh
And at night, I’ll face all my demons
Summer’s when they hibernate,
now I’m freezing
What I wouldn’t do to be a kid,
be at home, be with you
What I wouldn’t do[Refrain]
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

December was mine when
I could tolerate the weather
When it made me smile to
see anybody together
I can still hope that
January will be better
Used to call it getting older,
now I call it December