In a recent post, FKA TWIGS shared a video of her lying on the bed with some friends which is not liked by Taylor Swift fans at all.

The independent artist recently shared a substantial collection of photos and videos on Instagram, providing a recap of her recent endeavors as a teaser for what’s to come at the end of the year. The content includes various clips of her casual moments and snippets of her singing and recording. Among these, there’s a video that caught the attention of Swifties for potential reasons.

In this particular video, Twigs, along with multi-instrumentalist Eartheater and other friends, is seen lying in bed, appearing as if they are asleep. The camera angle, captured from above, pans across the group from left to right, and towards the end, they break character and share a laugh. While FKA TWIGS didn’t directly address this bed scene, she mentioned her diverse locations for working on her album without explicit details.

On the surface, it might hint at a collaboration between Twigs and Eartheater, or it could be entirely unrelated to Kanye West’s 2016 song and music video, which bears a resemblance. However, Swifties took offense, perceiving it as a mockery of Kanye’s controversial visual treatment, featuring a fake nude Taylor Swift alongside fake versions of Kanye and Kim Kardashian. Although Taylor herself hasn’t commented on it, individuals in her circle expressed displeasure over the use of her likeness in Kanye’s project, considering it a crude publicity stunt with elements of revenge po*n.

Now, with Twigs unintentionally or intentionally referencing this old controversy through a reenactment, Swifties have unleashed a wave of criticism and insults in her comment section and online platforms. The online discourse reflects Taylor’s fan base defending her against what they perceive as a slight, while FKA’s supporters defend her, labeling Swifties as a toxic and misguided group.

It’s worth noting that Taylor Swift has not addressed the situation publicly, and there seems to be no animosity between her and Twigs. While Twigs has spoken positively about Taylor in the past, they are not necessarily close friends. Nevertheless, Taylor’s devoted fans are vigorously reacting to what they interpret as a jab by FKA Twigs, linked to Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ music video.