Gotham City lyrics by Lil B

Here are the lyrics for Gotham City by Lil B. The song is written by Lil B.

Song Info

Like I said, shouts
out muthafuckin down South!
Long live Takeoff!
Shout out Coach K!
Muthafuckin P!
Ay, Yahcty I love you nigga!
Free Young Thug!
College Park!
Aye Migos what it do!
Ay, Trinidad James
I love you nigga!
East Atlanta!
To the muthafuckin Bay!
Down South what it do!
Macon, Georgia!
Aye, Savannah Georgia!
Berkeley, California
New York!
East Point![Verse]
Quick draw and you
know ain’t no cappin
50 round purse you
ain’t gon ask me
I gotta ride straight
and open the slammer
Play in Columbus
That right
Fired on me,
now his ass
in a coffin
100 bricks up,
now I need a lil boss shit
You know I’m Rick Rossin (Hey)
New [?]
Trick on my bitches you
know that I’m cashin out
Magic City, that’s right
Pop a molly, I’m sweatin! (Hey)
50 bricks up and I’m trapping,
I’m spamming
10 million up
and came with them extras
Quickdraw and
you know I’m gon step
Lockjaw, man that
molly was happening
50 round that’s
that back door trappin
10 million up and
I’m playin with purses
Off Edgewood and
I’m trappin out purses
On Kirkwood and on
Gresham Park
Quickdraw, shoutout
to Riverdale
Yeah, I’m OT cuz
I bought her some hair
[?] my house and
I bought her some nails
Bitch ain’t even
up and I bought her Chanel
50 bricks in and
I sent ’em to hell
Seen a lot and I know
ain’t gon’ say shit
I’m famous bitch
I got hoes like Future
I quickdraw with
the molly and shoot
I quickdraw, I got
money like [?]
Switched up for the
people that’s switching
I’m 2 million up and
I’m thinking bout stepping
I’m trapping in Berkeley
I’m trapping in Richmond
Stay with the drip but
you know I ain’t slipping
Grah, grah (drip)
Glah, glah, glah
Glah glah, glah
Glah glah
For the last time
I want my swagger back
2 million up and
I’m thinking bout halfing that
I been made mistakes
and they said I won’t last
2 million up and I seen it in cash
I’m 5 million up and
I bought a new trap
I switched up but she know
I ain’t switching
See me in public
I’m tricking on bitches
Keep it real,
I’m rich like [?]
10 million up and
I choke out my bitch
I [?] her then bought her Chanel
50 bricks up and
it’s never was stale
Sign to Pharell
Pictures on pictures
when everyone see me
I’m dripping in water
I’m stepping in Fiji
Quick draw and
I stay with the heat
100 bricks in