Pape Talk lyrics by Icewear Vezzo

Here are the lyrics for Pape Talk by Icewear Vezzo. The song is written by Icewear Vezzo & DJ Drama, produced by BeatsByMAX

Song Info

(Gangsta Grizzillz)

(Damn, Max,
this one’s too hard)
Gon’ run this shit up, nigga
Half a ticket
Let’s run this shit up
Vezzo, DJ Drama

[Verse: Icewear Vezzo]
I’m like, fuck a handout, ain’t doin’
no freebies, I’d rather pay shit (Yeah)
Niggas be playin’ a fifty, so I keep a big
Glock where my waist is
To keep it hundred (A hundred),
been chillin’
on niggas, ain’t with all that fake shit
Been hearing how niggas be
talking and gossip like hoes,
I just never say shit
Just got a new chain bust, yeah,
I been focused since
I gave that drank up
In Truth, I’ma rain somethin’,
it ain’t a bad bitch that I can’t fuck
It’s like now that I’m richer (Richer),
these niggas be iffy, they move,
I’ma spank somethin’
That Cullinan holdin’ up traffic,
ghetto and savage,
might fuck on a bank teller
I ain’t been playin’ the net or
fuckin’ with rappers,
wе really move somethin’
All that linkin’ up shit
rеally pussy, so nigga,
I’m cool on it
Imagine me ridin’ a wave,
don’t care for the fame,
I just want the money (That paper)
Want millions on millions (Hundreds),
this chopper be bangin’,
this bitch hold a hundred
Huh, I got a big dope knot,
we talking ’bout racks,
my shit long as Runyon
Been runnin’ my city for years
’cause I’m really turnt,
they think I’m just lucky
Huh, I’m really a big dog,
I ain’t never chasin’
no hoes or clout, nigga
Rose gold Sky-Dweller,
all chunkies, this shit ‘
bout a house, nigga
Yeah, this that pape’ talk,
Maybach, fuck it,
I let the Wraith talk (That Wraith)
Just did two years in the feds
for a little pistol,
that shit was a cakewalk
Yeah, got me a gutter bitch (Yeah),
she a pill stuffer
just like my other bitch (My other ho)
I sent that ho on the road,
you better not get caught,
you know it’s gon’ come with shit (Bitch)
I really run the six, rock her to sleep,
these bitches be dumb as shit (Yeah)
Fuck who you coming with,
don’t really be dancin’,
just let the money flip
The rap game shook, they see
we got motion, niggas be nervous
Yeah, hundred round drum sit inside the Drac’,
look like an Excursion (Skrrt)
Put dog shit on your head just like a turban,
shoot through the curtains (Pow, pow)
Real street nigga, yeah,
I fuck with the music,
but I be serving (But I be serving)
[Outro: Icewear Vezzo]
(Gangsta Grizzillz)
Servin’, nigga
Fuck you niggas talkin’ ’bout, nigga?
Niggas ain’t havin’ no motion
’round this motherfucker, nigga
Pew, uh