See Red lyrics by Tata

Here are the lyrics for See Red by Tata. The song is written by Jenn Carter & Tata, and produced by 24MMY.

Song Info

[Intro: Tata & Jenn Carter]
Grrah, grrah (Grrah, grrah)
Everything dead
(Bitch, everything dead)
4-1 shots to the head,
bitch (Grrah, grrah)
(24 is the G.O.A.T)
On bro, boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom
Grrah, grrah (Everything dead)
(It’s Carter, dickhead)

[Verse 1: Tata & Jenn Carter]
How you dissin’? Like four of yo’
homies is dead (What the fuck?)
I send one of my niggas,
kill all of y’all niggas
I see a opp then I see red
(Grrah, grrah, grrah)
With this pencil,
fill ’em up wit’ lead (Damn)
Bend through the opps,
I’m tryna catch em rec’
How you smokin’ my dead and
I don’t got no dead?
They know my bop,
Mr. Everything-Dead
She wanna come over,
I left her on read
(What the fuck?)
Niggas pussy (On bro)
I’m a veteran, niggas is rookiеs
(Sit down)
Big knocker, you can’t book me
(Grrah-grrah, boom)
Walk in the party, and
I got ‘еm lookin’ (On bro)
Nig-Niggas be runnin’
they mouth on the media
I run into niggas, yeah, it’s lit (Bitch)
Bitches be gettin’ ahead of they self
I don’t care if you pretty,
suck my dick, grrah
I’m wit’ ‘Lato, rollin’ up
Gelato (Oh, damn)
Niggas pussy and opp niggas follow
(Smokin’ all deads)
They know it’s forty-
one ways to get paid
I got a baddie, she look like Mulatto
(Grrah-grrah, boom, bitch)
Wit’ the legs, drinkin’ Henny,
no chaser (Damn)
Bitch is dumb if she think
I’ma chase her (Grrah-grrah, boom)
Don’t wanna fuck, on bro,
I won’t make her
Put the beam to his face if
he play wit’ my paper
(Grrah-grrah, boom)
Ayy yo, Preme, boom that
nigga (Damn)
Uppin’ the what? Remove that
nigga (Damn)
I’m not into politickin’ on
the media (Brrt)
Ain’t no talkin’, boom that nigga,
look (Grrah-grrah, boom)
[Verse 2: Jenn Carter]
I be geekin’, I tote on a what? (What?)
Shorty a thottie, she don’t give a fuck
(She don’t give a fuck, like)
She be tweakin’,
she shakin’ her butt
(Grrah-grrah, boom)
And that boy is a cheetah, the way
that he run (Gang-gang-gang)
He-He dumb, he a bot
Bitch on my body, she totin’ my gun
(Grrah-grrah, boom)
You run, don’t stop
You feelin’ hot, you get sent to
the sun (Yeah)
He tried to diss so we made
’em deleted (Gang-gang-gang)
41, and we still undefeated
(Glah-glah, boom)
Get on the scene, make it hotter than
Phoenix (Gang-gang-gang)
Michael Jackson, she want me to
beat it (Goddamn)
She a baddie, and shorty conceited
I told her I love her, but I do not mean it
(Grrah-grrah, boom)
I be geekin’, I only see red (Red)
She like, “Jenny, you know that
I’m fiendin'”
And you know I’ma keep me a
tool, it stay right
by my side, call me Nicki Minaj,
damn (Like, damn)
Think he tough, now
he in a garage (Grrah-grrah)
Rollin’ up while she give a massage
(Grrah-grrah, boom)
I’m too active, I turn up the spot
He think he tough,
he got shot on the block (Grrt, bow)
Please don’t try to be somethin’
you not (Grrt-grrt)
I’m like a chef and
I’m stirrin’ the pot (Yeah)
If he think he a demon,
we showin’ no sympathy
Like, damn, bullets is slippery
(Bullets is slippery, damn)
I told niggas to get out the way
(Grrah-grrah, glah-glah)
You and yo’ homie get shot in ya face
(Grrah-grrah, boom)
I’m a demon, you cannot get rid of me
Shorty be tweakin’, the knock on
her waist (Waist, like)
Not 41, better stay in your place
(Place, like)
Like, call me Tay-K, I’m runnin’ a race
(Grrah-grrah, grrah-grrah)