Warrior of the Mind lyrics by Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Here are the lyrics for Warrior of the Mind by Jorge Rivera-Herrans. The song is written by Jorge Rivera-Herrans, produced by Teagan Earley & EPIC Ensemble.

Song Info

Have you forgotten to turn off
your heart, this is not you
I see you changing from how
I’ve designed you
Have you forgotten your purpose?
Let me remind you:
Goddess of wisdom, master of war
My life has one mission,
create the greatest warrior
I had a challenge, a test of skill
A magic boar only the best could kill
One day a boy came for the thrill
A boy whose mind rivalled
the boar’s own will

Let’s go!

Maybe one day he’ll follow me and wе’ll
make a greater tomorrow,
thеn they’ll see
I know he’ll change the world cause he
is a warrior of the mind
Maybe one day I’ll reach him
And we can build his skills as I teach him
If there’s a problem, he’ll have the answer
He is a warrior of the mind

Show yourself
I know you’re watching me,
show yourself
I can see you

How can you see through my spell?

[ODYSSEUS, spoken]
Haha! I was lying and
you fell for my bluff
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Well done, you lied to me,
what’s your name?

You first, and maybe I’ll do the same

Nice try, but two can play this game

Nah, don’t be modest
I know you’re a goddess
So let’s be honest

You are Athena Athena
Badass in the arena
Unmatched, witty, and queen of
the best strategies we’ve seen

If you’re looking for a mentor,
I’ll make sure your time’s well spent

Sounds like a plan
Goddess and man
Bestest of friends
We’ll see where it ends


Maybe one day they’ll
follow me and we’ll

Make a greater tomorrow,
then they’ll see
I know we’ll change the
world cause we are
the warriors of the mind
Maybe one day we’ll reach them
And we can build their skills as
we teach them
If there’s a problem,
we’ll have the answer
We are the warriors of the mind

I still intend to make sure
you don’t fall behind
Don’t forget that you’re a
warrior of a very special kind
You are a warrior of the mind
Don’t disappoint me