Wonderful Wayne & Jackie Boy lyrics by Babyface Ray

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[Verse 1: Babyface Ray & Lil Durk]
I swear I got it honest, think I
got it from grandmama
I got Wayne in my blood, Jackie Boy
about them dollars (Jackie Boy, yeah)
I was in the castle, packin’ boy up
out the llama (In the castle, yeah)
Hot-ass nigga in the club with
them gualas
Rack in the air, she gon’ twerk,
oochie wally
Baby rock the mic’, she perform, no
deposit (Yeah)
It was me and soda in a foreign
at Erotic
Had them niggas sick about it, had
that shit in chicken boxes (Beep)
Ten ball, twenty-five K, fifty
thousand (Beep)
I’m with the fiends, slappin’ out the back,
project housing (Fuck it)
I get lonely sittin’ at the top,
niggas doubt it (Yeah)
I sip drank, baby pop two yops,
we too toxic (Yeah)
Sixty piеce, barely had to move,
I’m Klay Thompson (Bitch)
700 V2 OrthoLitеs, Kanye sponsor
I got caught, I ain’t tell ’em
shit, call my mama (Uh-uh)
We playing street games, you know?
Ayy, what your mans on? (What he on?)
Figure it out, niggas fans though (Bitch)
I did this verse with my chain on,
it’s a dance song (Yeah)
Niggas not really who they
say they is (What?)
Knock his shit off, Mr.
Potato Head (Mr. Po— Yeah)
I’m in California smokin’
baby legs (Smokin’ baby legs)
I just paid a thousand for
an eight of red (That drank)
Ray, you look like money, I
just say we twins (That’s my twin)
You just got on them? Boy, you
late as hell (Yeah, man, what?)
[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Fuck the state, tell ’em, “Suck my dick,”
with your lil’ tellin’ ass (Yeah, yeah)
Trendsetter, it feel like I’m the
one who can bring Pelle back (Go, go)
Bro ‘nem steal from me or snake me
out, I’m bringin’ Melly back (Bitch)
Petty-ass ain’t fuck me like she said,
ain’t get her belly wrap (Yeah, yeah)
I don’t beef with niggas on the net,
that shit fed years
One opp that I hate from over there
just got his head pierced (Brrah)
Lil’ bitch seen the drum hang out
my pants, said it’s a Ferris wheel
I can’t cap, I got an awkward nod
just off her head skills
I had paid the half for all the
drank that I was sippin’ (Tax)
Five K for a pint, I robbed them
back, so I ain’t trippin’ (Act’)
I think ’bout my brothers that I
lost, I’m in my feelings (Gang)
It’s fucked up that I’d rather
get revenge instead of millions
(Come here)
Durkio, call me Shmurkio, then
it’s personal (Personal)
She twerk for show, told me, “Don’t
cum fast,” took a Perky though
(Perky though)
A nigga asked me who
I killed before, like,
“Who you workin’ for?”
(Who you workin’ for?)
Say my name for clout,
but in them streets,
they ass gon’ hurt you though (Pussy)
Told me they got an addy (Go, go)
Got location (Go, go)
Green light (Go, go, go, go, go)
Look on the news and see your son,
you screamin’, “No, no” (Pussy)
And all them niggas hangin’ with
’em, if you know, you know

[Outro: Lil Durk]
Gang shit
Ayy, Babyface, this
shit crazy right here
Ain’t gon’ lie