Arjan Vallay officially Music Breakdown with Manan Bharadwaj

Arjan Vallay official music breakdown with Manan from the movie Animal.

As the song starts Manan shows how he first made the rhythm of the song. Next, he told about the singer to whom he and Sandeep Vanga were searching for the same song. As the song goes on he shows how he adds percussions and the Punjabi dhol beat. He explains his song-making process. 

The most beautiful part of the song is the beautiful tune you can watch at 5:40 a very melodious tune. And then the chorus beat starts.

And then the signature step of Manan music making “the piano part”. how can we skip that ;

Bhupinder Babbal shows his powerful voice in this song. Later Manan explains how they tried to keep the song as pure as it can be. The song is trending on world charts and billboard charts and continues to make new records. Manan said they are enjoying the success of the song by working more hard.

To enjoy and understand the breakdown more briefly you must watch the video.
The video was uploaded on Mashable India’s official YouTube channel.