Officially Music Breakdown of Satranga| Shreyas Puranik x Mashable India

The Movie and the song that are ruling the charts here officially have the Music Breakdown of the current popular song Satranga by the original creator of the song Shreyas Puranik.

Shreya’s shows the breakdown of this on Mashable Inda’s YouTube channel.

As the video starts, he shows the raw vocals for verse 1 which was originally recorded.
Later he compliments Arijit’s voice “Bhagwan Baste hai unke awaj me”. He shows how they both were making the song in a video call.
He explains how he got the song. The lyricists of the song Siddharth and Garima have a Diwali party at their house. There he met the director of the Animal movie. Vanga heard the song that Shreyas had composed and asked if he could use it in the film. Shreyas was excited and agreed.

Later on, he completed the song and said the song was more than a song it was a screenplay. As the song goes by he shows the Live recordings and shares all the details and memories about the song. At the end he also describes how they have taken all the best parts from the recordings rather than taking a complete recording of the song; many choppings are there. The song was almost completed before the 1 hour of the release.