Gen Hoshino Reflects on 2023 and Breaks Down His Latest Single

Introduction: SPY x FAMILY’s Box Office Success in Japan

The animated film “SPY x FAMILY CODE: White” featuring the beloved characters from the popular manga and anime series has become a box office sensation in Japan since its release on Dec. 22. Gen Hoshino, a renowned Japanese artist, wrote the ending theme for the movie, just as he did for the TV series. His latest single, titled “Why,” serves as the movie’s theme song and is gaining attention.

Musical Inspiration for “Why”

Gen Hoshino shares his thoughts on creating the ending theme, emphasizing the connection between the movie and the TV series. He reveals that “Comedy,” the ending theme for SPY x FAMILY Season 1, was influenced by 2000s hip-hop. For “Why,” he delves further back, combining R&B/hip-hop beats from the early ’90s with the R&B medium ballads of the late ’80s, drawing on the music of his youth.

Nostalgia and Influences from Western Music

Gen Hoshino reminisces about his youth and the influence of Western music on anime themes. He cites examples like “Romantic Ageruyo” from Dragon Ball, where the opening is energetic and child-friendly, but the ending theme surprises with a mature love song. He aims to capture that sense of wistfulness that resonates with audiences as they grow older.

Unexpected Connection Between “Why” and “Life”

Hoshino reveals that he didn’t initially plan to connect “Why” and “Life” but found an unexpected thematic link between the two songs. Despite their disparate origins, both tracks share a power to uplift the listener’s mind and body.

Gospel Influence and the Power of Human Performance

Discussing the musical elements of “Why,” Hoshino mentions incorporating gospel influences, emphasizing the raw sounds of drums and saxophone. He reflects on his evolving interest in music programming and editing, noting the energy that emerges from a mix of human and machine-like qualities in the production process.

“So sad So happy” Curated by Gen Hoshino at SUMMER SONIC BEACH STAGE

The artist reflects on his experience curating a stage at this year’s SUMMER SONIC music festival. The event featured performances by Jacob Collier, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Camilo, and UMI. Hoshino expresses gratitude for the opportunity and highlights the unique atmosphere created by inviting friends to perform, making it a memorable and moving experience.

Conclusion: A Summer to Remember

As Gen Hoshino looks back on 2023, he appreciates the balance between time spent at home creating music and the exhilarating experience of live performances. His latest single encapsulates a fusion of musical influences, reflecting his journey and growth as an artist.