Lizzo Mourns Loss of Beloved Dog “Pooka”

Pop Singer Lizzo shared a social media post sharing the loss of their dog Pooka.

The 18-year-old canine companion had been a cherished part of Lizzo’s life, and the singer shared her grief through a series of posts on social media.

Heartfelt Tributes and Condolences

Lizzo took to Instagram to express her sorrow, sharing a carousel of photos capturing moments spent with Pooka over the years. One poignant image featured Pooka’s paw print immortalized in clay. The singer, visibly devastated, wrote, “I’m not okay; I’m so heartbroken. RIP Pooka.” Fans flooded the comments section with condolences, and SZA, a longtime friend and collaborator on the “Special” remix, also expressed her sympathies.
In her Instagram comments, SZA wrote, “Wait, nooo!! I’m so honored to have met you,” addressing Pooka. The loss of a beloved pet is always a deeply emotional experience, and Lizzo’s circle, including her friends in the music industry, rallied around her during this difficult time.

Holiday Cheer Amidst Grief

Despite the heartbreaking loss, Lizzo managed to find moments of holiday cheer. Earlier in the month, she shared joyous photos and videos of herself in an elaborate Grinch-inspired costume from a festive dress-up day. However, a caption on one of the posts hinted at the possible challenges she was facing, stating, “This Grinch costume is the only thing saving me from depression right now.”

Challenges in a Tough Year

Lizzo has faced legal challenges throughout the year. In August, some of her ex-dancers filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and toxic work conditions. Shortly after, a former clothing designer who worked on Lizzo’s Special Tour filed a harassment and discrimination lawsuit. Lizzo has vehemently denied all the claims made against her, asserting her innocence in these legal battles.